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Basement Impact Assessments

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Basement Assessment Our chartered Hydrogeologists have experience of Basement Impact Assessments for new build and basement extension projects and can fulfil the requirements of CPG4. Other London Boroughs are now also requiring Basement Impact Assessments for subterranean developments.

It is recognised that basement extensions can potentially have an impact on local flooding, groundwater flow and ground movements, potentially generating stability issues for neighbouring properties.

In April 2011, the London Borough of Camden adopted Camden Planning Guidance 4 (CPG4) as official planning guidance for their use in the consideration of planning applications involving basements in the Borough.

CPG4 presents a structured, formalised approach to identifying the potential risks, both from and to the development, in a five stage Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) process. The guidance recognises that where it is necessary to undertake dewatering as part of the site works a hydrogeological assessment should be prepared by a Hydrogeologist with the “CGeol” (Chartered Geologist) qualification.

Hydrogeo can also advise on groundwater control measures to mitigate basement flooding issues.

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