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Groundwater Risk Assessments – for soakaways and treatment systems

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The Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) 2016 govern discharges of effluent (treated wastewater) to the ground via an infiltration system.  If you wish to construct a treatment system such as a septic field or package treatment plant which discharges effluent to groundwater, you may require a permit.

For larger systems, or in environmentally sensitive areas, a qualitative risk assessment is required; this is generally the case for systems which treat greater than 15,000 litres a day, or in areas where important aquifers are present.

The guidance on undertaking a qualitative risk assessment is given in the agency’s guidance.  Information on geology, soils and groundwater is used to formulate a conceptual model to carry out the risk assessment, which is included with the permit application.

In cases where the conceptual model indicates a risk to environmental receptors, a more detailed quantitative risk assessment involving calculation worksheets must be performed.

Hydrogeo can assist and provide guidance on applying for discharge permits. We can carry out qualitative and quantitative risk assessments, handling all elements of the permit application. We can also liaise with the Regulatory Authority on your behalf in areas where there is the risk of an environmental impact.


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