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Case Study – Damstead Park Residential Estate

Remediation and Verification

Client:  Ben Bailey Homes

Hydrogeo were contracted by Ben Bailey Homes to assist in the remediation of a former colliery site in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

The 11.5 hectare site attained planning permission in 2013 for development by Ben Bailey Homes. The development will comprise low-rise residential end use, comprising residential detached and semi-detached dwellings with private gardens, areas of communal landscaping, associated highways, areas of hardstanding and public open space.

Prior to the commencement of site enabling and construction works phases, Hydrogeo formulated a Remediation Strategy for the site. This collated key site investigation data and detailed the works required to remediate the site to a standard considered suitable for the proposed housing development.

Considering the nature of the former land uses on site, review of existing site data was essential and led to the efficient removal of colliery waste and the identification of a previously unknown mining feature.

Enabling works and remediation of the site has been successful, and as of 2015 the show homes are nearing completion with houses now on sale.

Site Investigation

Soil Sampling

Remediation Strategy

Remediation Verification


Waste Management Planning

Regulatory Liaison

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