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Contaminated Land - Phase 1

Phase 1 Desk Study

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Why do I need a Phase 1 Desk Study?

If you are planning a development  you may be required to submit a Phase 1 Desk Study as part of your planning application. A desk study may also be required as part of a pre-purchase due diligence study, or to secure lending. The purpose of a Phase 1 Desk Study is to identify potential harmful or costly environmental issues with the site at an early stage, preventing problems further down the line.

What is a Phase 1 Desk Study?

A Phase 1 Desk Study identifies risks to the environment, human health and buildings from existing data. A desk study can flag up issues relating to the development or purchase of a site. For example, a search of geological data may identify unstable ground conditions, or a review of historical records may reveal the past presence of contaminating activities such as filling stations or industrial activity.  A site walkover can be conducted to gather additional data and to confirm findings on-site.

What is covered in a Phase 1 Desk Study?

Each study is tailored to the needs of the client and project, with the overall aims and objectives, programme and budget fully considered. We can cover the following aspects in our studies:

  • Geological hazards and ground conditions
  • Geotechnical considerations
  • Groundwater protection and contamination
  • Historic site uses and potential sources of contamination
  • Mining history and risk
  • Site Walkover
  • Conceptual Site Model
  • Risk Assessment

Why should I choose Hydrogeo?

Hydrogeo undertake Phase 1 Desk Studies for a wide range of clients and sites. At Hydrogeo we are a team of qualified geologists, hydrogeologists and contaminated land specialists with over 40 years of experience in geology, groundwater and contaminated land.

We have good working relationships and liaise closely with local authorities and statutory regulators such as the Environment Agency, ultimately saving you time and money. Our reports contain a Conceptual Site Model, as specified in CLR11, which is required by many local authorities and regulators.

The findings of our reports are presented clearly and concisely. We can recommend whether further action is required, detailing next steps such as layout rearrangement or site investigation. Alternatively, a site may be found to pose no risk to health or environment.

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Information and Guidance

Land contamination: risk management – GOV.UK

Land contamination: technical guidance – GOV.UK

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