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Environmental Monitoring Services

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Environmental MonitoringHydrogeo can provide cost effective monitoring solutions for groundwater, surface water, gas and soil. Our consultants routinely undertake monitoring on behalf of clients within the land development, waste, energy and water sectors in order to ensure companies fulfil their legal obligations and comply with environmental regulations.

Hydrogeo can design and supervise the installation of gas, groundwater or surface water monitoring networks. Our specialist team have the experience and capability to undertake;

  • Groundwater monitoring; groundwater level, in-situ water quality and groundwater sampling:
  • Gas Monitoring; ground gas and soil vapour concentration and flow monitoring;
  • Surface water; surface water quality in-situ monitoring and sampling, and flow monitoring.

We serve a broad range of clients across the following sectors:

  • Closed landfills
  • Operational landfills
  • Quarries
  • Mines
  • Contaminated land pre and post remediation
  • Industrial sites
  • Energy.

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