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Environmental Permitting

EPH H1 Groundwater Risk Assessment for discharges to surface water and groundwater

Environmental PermittingHydrogeo can provide cost effective consultancy services for activities requiring an Environmental Permit relating to the protection of water resources. This may include:

  • Environmental Permit for Discharges to Land or water
  • Groundwater risk assessment for treated effluent discharges to infiltration systems
  • Hydrogeological risk assessments for landfills and the derivation of groundwater control levels and compliance limits
  • Waste disposal or recovery operations
  • Discharges to land of waste sheep dip and pesticide washings.

Applications for discharge activities may require a permit, or be exempt. Hydrogeo can provide technical advice relating to groundwater at different stages of the Environmental Permitting process. We can liaise directly with the Environment Agency on your behalf to determine their requirements.

Hydrogeo can provide technical advice for all stages in the Permitting process, and adopts the Tiered approach to risk assessments in order to ensure the appropriate level of assessment and minimise time and costs;

  • Risk Screening
  • Generic quantitative risk assessment
  • Detailed quantitative risk assessment.

Hydrogeo has undertaken numerous hydrogeological risk assessments to derive importation standards for restoration schemes.

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