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Case Study – Surface Coal Mining

Hydrogeological Impact Assessments and Backfill Risk Assessments

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Hydrogeo Ltd has undertaken numerous Hydrogeological Impact Assessments and Backfill Risk Assessments for surface coal mines in Scotland, including assessments to characterise the potential pollutant release of open cast backfill and the impact of dewatering on shallow and deep groundwater dependent receptors including peat bogs and local supplies.

Our team have prepared backfill risk assessments for surface coal mines; including the generation of complex conceptual site models for sites with historic underground mine workings, review of rock mineralogy to assess the potential for backfill leachate to generate acidic leachate and mobilise metals, input to mine working plans to minimise the risk to groundwater dependent receptors.

Projects recently progressed include:-

  • Dalfad SCM
  • Dunstonhill SCM
  • Mainshill SCM
  • Duncanziemere SCM
  • Glentaggart East SCM
  • Cauldhall Moor SCM
  • Gala Whistle SCM
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Groundwater Modelling

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