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Hydrogeo Limited is a specialist scientific environmental consultancy providing expertise in the water environment and land contamination sector.

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Our team comprises Hydrogeologists, Chartered Geologists and Geoenvironmental experts with over 40 years’ experience in resolving technically complex contaminated land and water projects for private companies and individuals across the UK and Ireland.

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Contaminated Land/Development

Hydrogeo have managed a variety of technically challenging contaminated land projects for residential, commercial and industrial client groups. The team are adept at liaising with both clients and key statutory consults in order to ensure appropriate, cost effective solutions are designed, implemented and delivered.

Groundwater Protection

Hydrogeo’s hydrogeologists and geoscientists combine scientific expertise, experience and commercial understanding to support our clients where water resources protection, supply, or management is required. Our team of consultants can provide technical assistance in regulatory compliance and negotiation on all water related issues.

SuDS and Flood Risk

SUDs, or Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, are methods used to manage rainwater in urban spaces, reducing flood risk. Hydrogeo provide expertise in Flood Risk Assessments (England) and Flood Consequence Assessments (Wales) to support planning applications for all types and sizes of development. 

Water Supply/ Ground Source Heating

Hydrogeo offers expert guidance for evaluating the feasibility of groundwater sources, catering to diverse clients ranging from individual homeowners to large-scale users such as soft drink manufacturers, farms, golf courses, polo clubs, factories, and mineral extraction industries.

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Highly Experienced

Hydrogeo’s high level of technical expertise and professional experience enables us to deliver cost effective, pragmatic and scientifically robust solutions to contaminated land and groundwater issues.

If you would like information on any of Hydrogeo’s services, please call Mike on 07584 623 267 or Chris on 07877 251 644 Mike and Chris are always willing to discuss your needs and offer advice.