Borehole Prognosis

Our hydrogeologists can prepare a Borehole Prognosis Report and provide technical support for the design, drilling, testing and licensing of your borehole. We work for a wide range of clients providing technical advice for large commercial water supplies and also smaller residential private water supplies.

Borehole Prognosis Report – An in house desk study review of available geological and hydrogeological information by an experienced Hydrogeologist / Chartered Geologist can save time and money when planning a borehole water supply. The groundwater abstraction borehole prognosis report greatly improves the understanding of the potential quantity and quality of groundwater available at a particular location and can be used to design and cost the borehole installation.
The abstraction borehole prognosis report will contain the following:

  • Geological setting and detailed sequence of the expected site geology
  • Target aquifer, expected aquifer properties and groundwater level
  • Potential water yield and quality issues
  • Recommended depth of borehole and location
  • Site map, geological map and details/locations of borehole records in the vicinity of the site held by the BGS
  • Licensed abstractions located within 2km of the site
  • Hydrogeo can advise on drilling companies and pump suppliers, and can plan and supervise borehole drilling and pump testing, and
  • undertake Regulatory Liaison/Groundwater Abstraction License application on your behalf.

Borehole Design

The abstraction borehole design needs to be based on a detailed understanding of the site geology and hydrogeology, including the water quality and physical/hydraulic properties of the target aquifer.
Hydrogeologists at Hydrogeo have considerable experience in designing efficient borehole designs appropriate to the required water yield and usage.

Borehole Installation & Testing

Hydrogeo can manage and supervise the entire drilling and abstraction borehole installation process, and our hydrogeologists can design, supervise and analyse borehole pumping tests to optimise the efficiency of the final borehole installation. Hydrogeo can establish whether the targeted groundwater source can meet the required yield and help select the best pumping method and depth for your abstraction borehole.

Abstraction License and Regulatory Liaison

A proposed groundwater abstraction >20m³/d (4,400 gallons/day) will require an abstraction licence. Hydrogeo can manage this entire process including Section 32 Consents to drill and pump test, Water Feature Surveys, pumping test analysis, groundwater impact assessments for abstractions and abstraction licence applications. We manage all aspects of the regulatory process associated with the development and management of private water supplies.

Hydrogeo can assist and provide guidance on changing the components of your existing license for variations such as changing the purpose of the abstraction, increasing the groundwater abstraction quantities or moving the abstraction point.

We can negotiate potential solutions with the Regulatory authority on your behalf in catchments which have been designated over licensed or over abstracted.

Source Protection and Management

Hydrogeo can advise on aquifer storage or License transfers solutions, and can also provide expertise in the following:

  • Source protection
  • Cryptosporidium risk assessments
  • Drinking Water Safety plans
  • Borehole restoration and rehabilitation
  • Catchment modelling.

If you would like to speak to someone at Hydrogeo about a Borehole Prognosis Report and Groundwater Supply Services please call 01873 856813

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