Geotechnical Investigation

Hydrogeo frequently progress Geotechnical Investigations to obtain site specific data about the subsurface soil / rock conditions of a development site. The geotechnical investigation provides essential data required to appreciate the foundation requirements for subsequent enabling, development and construction.

Geotechnical investigation data helps inform details regarding a projects foundations, excavations, retaining walls, site drainage and to assess the subgrade strength of roads and pavements. The information captured typically includes key data regards soil consistency and structure. The data aids design teams and civil engineers to anticipate and calculate the load-bearing capacities and lateral forces on various structural elements of construction. Geotechnical investigations are considered vital for every construction site before the process of building planning and drafting begins.

Hydrogeo frequently collect both Geotechnical and Environmental site data to inform site developments. Our team include highly experienced professionals, who can assist with your project.

Contaminated Land/Development

Groundwater Protection

SuDS and Flood Risk

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