Landfill Risk Assessment

Hydrogeologists at Hydrogeo have been regularly undertaking hydrogeological risk assessments (HRA) for landfill sites for over twenty years, and have considerable experience in undertaking the site investigation, monitoring, conceptualisation and design input to a wide variety of sites with regards to groundwater protection. We can undertake the following for both new sites, extensions and sites approaching closure;

  • Desk study and conceptual model development
  • Site investigation and monitoring schemes
  • Regulatory liaison
  • Water balance models
  • Hydrogeological risk assessments and groundwater modelling using software appropriate to the level of risk and conceptual model (such as Landsim)
  • Input to risk based site engineering
  • Landfill closure and restoration plans
  • Leachate management.

Hydrogeo also has experience in undertaking HRA for hydraulically contained landfill sites and for projects which include surcharging former landfill sites.

Hydrogeo has also undertaken HRA to derive soil importation targets for waste recovery schemes.

If you would like to speak to someone at Hydrogeo about Landfill Hydrogeological Risk Assessments please call 07877 251644 or email

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