Ground source heating – Open Loop Feasibility

At Hydrogeo we have expertise in the feasibility, design and testing of both open and closed ground source heat pumps and geothermal boreholes for ground source heating and cooling.

Open loop systems pump groundwater from below the surface and perform heat exchange with the pumped water.

Input from a Hydrogeologist on the feasibility and design of ground source heating and cooling systems can ensure that the system can meet the heating and cooling requirements of the building for its full lifetime.  This is particularly important when designing large systems in excess of 50 kW.

Hydrogeo can provide advice and expertise for the following:

  • Feasibility, design, supervision and licensing of open systems (heat exchange from groundwater abstracted from boreholes)

Contaminated Land/Development

Groundwater Protection

SuDS and Flood Risk

Water Supply / Ground Source Heating