Materials Management Plans

Hydrogeo offer site owners and contractors technical assistance in order to prepare or support the production of Materials Management Plans.

Our team includes qualified persons registered with CL:AIRE who are skilled at reviewing the required documents and preparing the necessary declarations to enable the use of the Development Industry Code of Practice.

The CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments) Definition of Waste Code of Practice provides a mechanism by which:-

  • Clean, naturally occurring materials may be removed from one site for reuse on another;

  • Treated materials may be recovered for re-use on appropriate sites.

Where the Code of Practice is followed, the Environment Agency will not consider materials as waste. The Materials Management Plan (MMP) identifies materials to be generated and clarifies how they will be reused.

The Materials Management Plan must be approved by an independent Qualified Person (registered with CL:AIRE). Where satisfied, the Qualified Person submits a declaration to the Environment Agency prior to material transfer. Upon completion of the transfer, a verification report must be produced confirming the works progressed.

Chris Betts is a Qualified Person under CL:AIRE (QP:272), and is therefore qualified to review MMPs prepared in line with the Definition of Waste Code of Practice, and to then submit the required Declaration.

If you would like to speak to someone at Hydrogeo about Material Management Plans please call 07584 623267

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