Abstraction Licensing

Our team of geologists and hydrogeologists can assist with full groundwater abstraction licence applications where the supply required is (> 20m³ per day). In the instance that a borehole isn’t already installed and present the team would initially progress a desk based Borehole Prognosis Report in order to determine target drill depth and position. Upon completion of the report, Hydrogeo can assist with all services required which typically would include:

  • Water Features Survey
  • Application for a Groundwater Investigation Consent (GIC)
  • Monitoring during test / clearance pumping
  • Monitoring during full pumping test monitoring
  • Detailed analysis reporting and presentation of Results
  • Full abstraction licence application (> 20m³ per day)
  • Liaison with the Environment Agency, drilling subcontractors and project team throughout the project.

Contaminated Land/Development

Groundwater Protection

SuDS and Flood Risk

Water Supply / Ground Source Heating