Remediaton Design

Hydrogeo have a team of professionals who are vastly experienced in undertaking site investigations to assess soil and groundwater contamination. Our technical specialists can assess the significance of contamination and any risks posed to human health and controlled waters. Where required Hydrogeo can formulate cost and time effective remediation strategies.


Our team of consultants can also independently supervise and verify critical stages of site remediation works. This service ensures that the remediation contractor complies with the objectives of the remediation strategy which forms a key element of land quality planning conditions associated with contaminated land development.

Hydrogeo advise on an open and regular basis with key statutory authorities during all stages of remediation. Proactive liaison is particularly relevant where a remediation project is linked with a planning condition, this can assist with the timely discharge of relevant conditions.

On satisfactory completion of remediation works Hydrogeo routinely prepare a remediation works verification report. Our reports provide a thorough and concise record of the remediation process and demonstrate that the site has been remediated in accordance with the remediation strategy for subsequent submission and approval by the relevant regulatory authorities.

If you would like to speak to someone at Hydrogeo about Remediation Verification and Supervision Services please call 07584 623267

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