Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment

Hydrogeologists at Hydrogeo have over 20 years experience in undertaking groundwater risk assessments or hydrogeological risk assessments for contaminated land projects. Our hydrogeologists have high levels of technical expertise and professional experience in undertaking groundwater risk assessments. This enables us to deliver cost effective, pragmatic and scientifically robust solutions to contaminated land and groundwater issues.

Where groundwater (or groundwater dependent receptor) is potentially at risk from a contaminant source, a Detailed Quantitative Groundwater Risk Assessment (DQRA) may be required to assess the level of risk.

Our Methods

Hydrogeo can undertake detailed groundwater risk assessments using the following tools in accordance with Environment Agency Groundwater Protection Policy and Practice (GP3) and supporting Regulatory Guidance:

  • Soil and Groundwater Remedial Target Calculations using the Environment Agency methodology and spreadsheet models (Remedial Targets Methodology), previously referred to as P20 assessments.
  • Detailed quantitative groundwater risk assessments (DQRA) for contaminated land and contaminated groundwater using ConSim.
  • Quantitative hydrogeological risk assessments for landfills using the LandSim modelling software.
  • Derivation of soil importation standards for waste recovery schemes.

Groundwater is a vital resource in the United Kingdom with up to 70% of mains water supply in the south of England supplied by a groundwater source. Environmental regulators have a statutory duty to protect the quality of groundwater across the UK.

Environmental regulators may require a groundwater risk assessment when carrying out the following activities:

  • Development of Contaminated Land – When you are a developing a site where contaminants in soil can affect groundwater quality on or off-site.
  • Cemetery Developments – When you wish to expand an existing cemetery or construct a new cemetery.
  • Treated Effluent Discharge – Where you wish to discharge effluent to the ground.
  • Landfill Sites or Waste Processing Sites – When waste deposition or processing can pose a risk to groundwater.

Contaminated Land/Development

Groundwater Protection

SuDS and Flood Risk

Water Supply / Ground Source Heating