SuDS and Flood Risk

Hydrogeo comprises a highly experienced team of professionals with wide ranging experience.

Hydrogeo provide expertise in Flood Risk Assessments (England) and Flood Consequence Assessments (Wales) to support planning applications for all types and sizes of development. Each assessment is tailored to a specific site. The level and complexity can comprise a Level 1 screening report or a detailed Level 3 flood risk report which details mitigation and flood risk modelling.:


  • SAB Applications
  • Sustainable Drainage/ SuDs
  • Water Quality
  • Nutrient and Phosphate assessment and compliance
  • Flood risk assessment (FRA)
  • Flood consequence assessment (FCA)

SuDS and Flood Risk Case Studies

Contaminated Land/Development

Groundwater Protection

Surface Water and Drainage

Water Supply / Ground Source Heating