Water Supply / Ground Source Heating

Hydrogeo comprises a highly experienced team of professionals with wide ranging experience.

Hydrogeo provide expertise in assisting clients explore suitability for groundwater supplies for small (<20m³/day) and larger abstraction boreholes serving a raft of clients that include single home owners through to soft drinks manufacturers, farms, golf courses, polo clubs, factories and mineral extraction industries.

With the increase in costs for oil and gas the team are also increasingly assisting specialist geothermal drilling contractors with a raft of projects which are discovering geothermal energy / Ground Source Heating for both domestic and commercial clients across the United Kingdom.
We are able to assist client with:


  • Borehole prognosis reports / water supply feasibility studies
  • Ground Source Heating – Open Loop Feasibility
  • Ground Source Heating – Closed Loop Feasibility
  • Borehole design, drilling and well installation contract management and supervision
  • Pump test design, management and analysis
  • Water quality assessment
  • Discharge consents and permits
  • Abstraction licensing, permitting and Regulatory liaison.

Contaminated Land/Development

Groundwater Protection

SuDS and Flood Risk

Water Supply / Ground Source Heating