Case Studies

Fosbury Fruit Farms Limited

Client: Fosbury Fruit Farms Limited

Hydrogeo were commissioned by Fosbury Fruit Farms to investigate the potential for a groundwater supply of sufficient yield and quality to sustain the company’s newly established apple orchard in Putley, Herefordshire.

Our team of geologists and hydrogeologists were appointed following a previous unproductive yielding borehole at site left the client with little option but to utilise mains water at great expense.  The team progressed a desk based Borehole Prognosis Report in order to determine an alternative target position within a more productive geological sequence. Upon completion of the BHP report the client instructed Hydrogeo to progress:

  • Water Features Survey
  • Application for a Groundwater Investigation Consent (GIC)
  • Monitoring during test / clearance pumping
  • Monitoring during full pumping test monitoring
  • Detailed analysis reporting and presentation of Results
  • Full abstraction licence application (> 20m³ per day)
  • Liaison with the Environment Agency, drilling subcontractors and project team throughout the project.

Following successful establishment and test pumping Hydrogeo are currently completing a new abstraction licence which will allow the client to abstract sufficient water to supply the apple orchard through 2024 and beyond. The new abstraction borehole will fully replace the existing mains water supply, resulting in substantial long term savings.

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