Case Studies

Groundwater Borehole Supply – Pontrilas

Client: Pontrilas Sawmill

Hydrogeo assisted Herefordshire based Pontrilas Sawmills with the establishment of a groundwater borehole supply. The Client team indicated that an initial estimated 36m3 per day was required for use within the timber treatment plant.

Hydrogeo worked with the Client throughout the abstraction licensing process, completing  an initial Borehole Prognosis Report and a Water Features Survey to support the groundwater abstraction license application.

Following submission of the reports to the Environment Agency (EA), the Client was issued with a Groundwater Investigation Consent (GIC).  Hydrogeo supported the Groundwater Investigation, with an on-site presence during key stages of drilling and installation of the groundwater abstraction borehole.

As part of the Groundwater Investigation Consent, test pumping of the borehole was required in order to demonstrate no impact to ground or surface water resources. Hydrogeo installed electronic data loggers within the abstraction borehole and surrounding identified features to monitor groundwater levels as per the Environment Agency consent. Testing included pre pump-test monitoring, monitoring during active pumping and monitoring of the recovery of groundwater levels once the pump test was complete. The data captured was used by Hydrogeo to complete a Pump Test Report and Hydrogeological Risk Assessment which confirmed that the abstraction of groundwater at the treatment plant had no adverse effects.

The Client now has a groundwater abstraction license with the Environment Agency to abstract up to 36m³/day for use in the timber treatment plant.

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